GIRL Advice :) Girls ONLY 

Hey girls, My name is Amz, I'm here for you if you need advice f, if you are having trouble with boys, or friends at school and trust me, I know what it is like to be left out !! So drop me a message if you want any advice, and If you want to keep it between you and me, let me know and i can give you my details and that way it can be just between the two of us !! Hope to here from you soon xoxox.

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Topic: Teachers

               Mean Teachers


Have you ever had a teacher not like you or treating you unfairly ? Believe me it happens all that time. If you feel like this, tell another teacher or your parents, so they can let the school know.

Then theres other times where you can be the teacher pet, wonder what thats like ? 

Topic: School Bullies
Have you ever had trouble with bullies? The mean girls? I know I have. Here is some advice about how to deal with them. 1st thing you might do, if its gone on for a while, is tell your teacher, or a trusted adult. Another thing you might do, is try to ignore them. They're probably just trying to get attention in the first place! Another thing you could do is have some of your friends with you at all times, bullies usually will only tease a couple people at a time and if you are with others, you will be safe and maybe, you can stand up to them. Tell them to stop. Something you dont want to do, is become a buy yourself handling the mean girls. I hope this helps!=====
Topic: School Bullies
Hey Gals, I know Its sumer Vacation for some of you, But not for me sadly, Anays I just wanna say that you dont have to fit in, Heres some advice. If your friends say "But your pretty, funny, why wouldn't anyone like you have all the charateristics that a guys would look for" 

Just reply - Yes Its a curse, No boy wants to live up to high level of AWESOMENESS, But ill keep looking just in case,or  "You should really get a boyfriend then we can double dates" Reply  Maybe next year when i actually have time, right now, im not into have a boyfriend, I just want a good friendship, anyways I like being single, Its AEWSOME !!!  P.s First one I got from a manazine, called DOLLY (Australian Magazine)

Bad day ??? 

Hey Girls, 

Ok so we all have thoes bad, days, where we just want to crawl up in to a ball, and cary, we dont wanna talk to anyone, and just feel completly un noticed, even By our best friends, and all you wanna do is lash out at every body ?? Dont worry I have had my fair share, and its particulary hard, when your in high school, Or even me an all girls school, Ummmm, anyways, we all know what it feels like, so I have gone round asking people, to see what they do

- Eat you heart out in choacolate. LOL Thats me !!! Or anthing you want !! 

- Listen to music, get drifeted away into the song, go into your own world if that helps 

- Watch a movie. Comdey, romance its your choice 

- Read a book 

- Watch You Fav Tv Show, Kickin it, The Fosters, Melissa and joey, anything thats my choice. 

- Hang out with your friends, Go shopping, moves or have a day at home watching moives and doing your nails, or make you own movie 

and my Choice that I do is Exercise, one of the best options that I have come across, to get your anger out, running, playing your fav sport. ect 

Hope that has helped :) Love ya xoxox 

AMZ :)